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Case study of a 30 year old female presenting with 12 months infertility, no previous pregnancies, irregular periods with a 34-35 day cycle, and premenstrual symptoms of menstrual pain, breast tenderness and occasionally irritable, other symptoms included was a low libido, fluid retention and a bleed that only lasted for 3 days. It should be noted that Chinese medicine considers menstrual pain and any other PMS symptoms to be an irregularity in the body that needs to be diagnosed and treated to prevent any further pain or trauma to the reproductive organs.
Blood tests were recommended to which revealed low thyroid function and low testosterone. Herbal medicine was then prescribed to increase blood flow to the uterus, ease PMS symptoms, regulate cycle, increase testosterone and aid thyroid function. Lifestyle advice included reducing cardio sessions to once or twice a week and to replace with yoga or Pilates and meditation or mindfulness techniques. Diet was slightly modified with a higher protein breakfast and elimination of a high sugar cereal.
Steady improvements were noted over the following two months with cycle length decreased to 28 days and bleed increased to what would be considered a normal period of 5 days with no PMS symptoms, in addition to this was increased libido and reduced fluid retention. Emotional release techniques were also used on this patient and were aimed at easing the fear of childbirth, as these fears can often hold us back from moving forward in life and unconsciously hold us back from being able to conceive.
On the third month was a positive pregnancy test and then fast forwarding to today is the 12 weeks scan. We have one happy family awaiting the arrival of their baby.