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Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is based on a coherent and substantial body of knowledge developed over thousands of years of clinical practice and intellectual endeavour. Clinical and laboratory research now adds to this traditional knowledge with hundreds of research projects conducted each year.


IVF Support


TCM treatment of infertility began thousands of years ago. There were no blood tests, to measure oestrogen and progesterone levels, no ultrasounds. Instead diagnosis and treatment were based on detailed observations of external signs and symptoms, tongue, pulse, diet and lifestyle. In modern practice integrating both eastern and western methods can improve outcomes.

Fertility Support


Acupuncture and herbs are offered to assist men suffering from low sperm count or low motility rates.

Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as dietary and lifestyle advice, are used within treatments to assist your fertility journey.

Children’s Health


TCM focuses on treating the root cause of illness in children. Treatment is customised to each child’s individual needs. We take into account the whole child (mind, body &spirit) as well as diet and lifestyle. Aimee treats  a lot of kids that have chronic disease or illness with the parents being lost due to exhausting all avenues.

Mental Health Support/Emotional Release Techniques


Chinese medicine uses ancient technique’s to help clear the brain, calm the mind and ease trauma anxiety, and depression symptoms by using unique acupuncture points and herbs specific to your signs, symptoms, diagnosis and body constitution. Aimee also uses an emotional release technique that’s allows you to process your emotions and any unconscious decisions you may have made due to specific events in your life.

Hormonal Support


Lots of different hormonal changes can bring about all sorts of problems and disease including fertility issues, period pain and irregularities, polycystic ovaries, menopause, autoimmune disease, lack of energy and drive, mental illness, skin conditions, weight gain and the list goes on. Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture are used to assist signs and symptoms associated with the disease or illness. Aimee will take the time to understand your symptoms and will provide a holistic treatment that will include diet, lifestyle, and herbal medicine plan.


Cupping in conjunction with other therapies as well as all below.


Electrotherapy is light pulses stimulated on the end of the acupuncture needle to help with circulation, nerve regeneration and decreases inflammation. It is a great tool for acute and chronic pain conditions.


Ear Candling